About VineyarDesigns

Hi! I'm Priya Williams,

I have been working in the areas of multimedia, web design and instructional design since 1996.

I chose the name VineyarDesigns based on John 15: 1-7 in the Bible.

I have worked with various organizations over the years before I started out on my own. The organizations and associated projects I have worked with include:


A few of the template customization projects I worked on:

Altus Civil Rights Advantage
HTML Template Customization Flash Template Customization

eCommerce site: Oscommerce installation and template customization

eCommerce site: Oscommerce installation and template customization

PlantsToYourDoor.co.uk Valutel
eCommerce site - Zen Cart installation and template customization. HTML Template Customization


Chillibreeze.netchillibreeze.net - Developed the site chillibreeze.net using Joomla 1.5 Beta. Installed a Joomla template and community builder component and set up the site to meet the project requirements.

The aim of the site is to provide a platform for India writers to showcase their capabilities to the world and to build a network of Indian writer who can be coached and certified. They can connect with each other and submit articles to the site. Potential clients can contact them via the site as well.

FRONTIER EDUCATION SOCIETY (A Christian Non Profit Organization)

I worked on the following projects for FES:

Ethne.com - The ethne site is the online identity of the Ethne magazine. The site is developed on Joomla for easy updating of content. I created a custom joomla template. Also installed a newsletter component.The online store is built on oscommerce to sell pdf versions of the magazines online.

ethne.com ethne
Main site on Joomla Store on Oscommerce

perspectives.inPerspective.in - The Perspectives.in site is the online identity for the Perspectives course in India. I developed it on Joomla so that content can be updated and added easily. I also installed many Joomla components like community builder, blog, survey, quiz etc. Also worked as an Instructional Designer putting together the Fastrak course which can be found on the site.


Perspectives Correspondence Course

I also worked on putting together a Correspondence course version of an existing course. This included a bit of script writing, audio recording, audio editing and overall structuring of the correspondence course.


I worked in Styles since its inception for almost 7 years. During this time I designed over 100 websites. I also worked on some elearning projects, wrote some articles, designed and documented UI design processes and quality control measures.

Some of the projects I worked on include:

eLearning Projects:

worldvisionelearnings.org - An elearning site for World Vision
Worked as the Instructional Designer and web designer (using Macromedia Fireworks, Dreamweaver and Flash) on their core elearning module on Transformational Development. Since this was the first module I also designed the framework of the entire course and LMS.



NBONational Bank of Oman NetBanking Demo - Demos on how to use the National Bank of Oman's online banking site developed using Macromedia Captivate.





Interface Design for Web Applications: I designed the interface for the following web applications using Macromedia Fireworks and Dreamweaver:

smilemiles foodeu worldimages  
SmileMiles.com FoodEU.com WorldImages.com  
IAP NextMeal    
IAP Nextmeal    

Static Websites: I also completely designed and developed over 100 static websites for various clients. Some include:

CDSEurope karantravelturkey coursetemplates gilchristguesthouse
CDS Europe Karantravelturkey.com CourseTemplates.com Gilchrist Guesthouse
kokk.no apex drillwell Apex IT Solutions ASI
kokk.no Apex Drillwell Apex IT Solutions ASI
bdomains chicargodatsolutions cocomats domain hostess
bdomains Chicago Data Solutions Cocomats Intro

Domain Hostess

insusa mailportalen prominence radio-india
INSUSA Mailportalen Prominence Radio-India
Rivers and Prayers US Market Watch webworks  
Rivers and Prayers US Market Watch WebWorks  

Compunet - We did the interface design for many sites of this outsource client - a web programming outfit. Some of the ones I designed include:

Outsource travel web site Outsource medical website 1 palestine web developers
Alhani healthy bowel Sandouka Medical Palestine Web Developers

I designed only the mast head for these 2 sites:

Alfahras: travel website inholyland: travel web site    
Alfahras Inholyland    

Far Web - I designed a large number of websites for this client which was a French based Web Incubator Company. This involved front end design based on a standard template, cgi script integration and dhtml menus. The content of the sites was added in later by the client's subject matter experts. Some of the sites I designed are shown below:

cajou sheabutter amandes arachides
Cajou Sheabutter Amandes Arachides
feves bananes coriandre gombo
Feves Bananes Coriandre Gombo
haricots: dhtml & cgi script integration Lentilles: dhtml & cgi script integration marche-ble marche-mais
Haricots Lentilles Marche-ble Marche-mais
Amazon: dhtml & cgi script integration Amazon: dhtml & cgi script integration pimets bourrache
Noisettes Noixdecoco Piments Bourrache

Company Websites - I also worked on the earlier versions of the company websites - stylusinc.com and outsource2india.com. It was an ongoing and evolving process. The websites were our only marketing methods so I was exposed to website content writing and website promotion as well in the process.

stylusinc.com outsource2india
stylusinc.com outsource2india.com

Processes and Articles:
I also put together the first UI Design process and UI quality control checklists for the company.

Articles I wrote and promoted for the company include:


I underwent Instructional Design training and worked as an Instructional Designer on a couple of CBTs for a Singapore client here.


This was my first job. At Media Fusion I was part of an incredible team that worked on the following CD titles using Macromedia Director and Adobe Photoshop:

appu's playtime

Appu's Playtime

An fun, interactive edutainment title for kids between 3 & 6 years teaching about:
* Animals
* Colors
* Numbers
* The Alphabet
* Shapes
* Objects

Appu's Funtime

Appu's Funtime

A fun, interactive edutainment title for kids between 3 & 6 years teaching about:
* Addition & Subtraction
* Similarities/ differences
* Time & Counting
* Size, Sequencing
* Shapes & Colors
* Opposites/ Pairs



Indian Wildlife

Indian Wildlife

An informational CD on Indian Wildlife with photographs and write-ups.

India - A Multimedia Journey

India - a multimedia journey

An informational CD on various places in India with photographs and write-ups.


If you would like me to work on any of your website requirements, please contact me.

Note: Some of the sites mentioned have been changed since I worked on it or are no longer available online. To see earlier versions of websites visit http://www.archive.org.


God Loves You! "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son (Lord Jesus Christ),
that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." - John 3:16, Bible