Web Design

  • Do it Yourself Web Design
    Advantages and disadvantages of designing your own website.

  • Free Blog Hosts
    One of the easiest ways of starting your own website is to have a blog. These are some free blog hosts that you can sign up with to begin your blog.

  • Blog Additions/Plugins
    Enhance your blog by integrating these additional features and plugins.

  • HTML
    HTML is the foundation of basic website editing. It is used in full site design. It is also used in blog posts for most platforms. Learn about some basic things you can do with HTML and the related HTML tags.

  • SEO (search engine optimization)
    Learn why optimizing your website for search engines is so Important and some SEO basics.

  • Site Builders
    Advantages of using WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors to build your website.

  • Webpage Creators: Comparison
    A comparison of some recommended website/ web page creators. Explore your options and see what works best for you.

  • Complete Website Building Package
    Review of website building packages that provide you all you need to build a successful website.

  • Advantages of Hiring a Web Designer
    Explore the advantages of hiring a web designer to build your website as opposed to doing it all yourself.

  • Things to Look for in a Designer
    Considering hiring a web designer. This checklist will help you know what to look for.

  • Pricing for Website Design
    Get an idea of what web design costs and factors that effect cost.

  • Free Site Hosting
    Advantages and disadvantages of hosting your website for free.

  • Free Hosting Providers
    Some free website hosts that you might consider.

  • Paid Hosting
    Advantages of hosting your website on paid website hosting providers.

  • Paid Hosting Providers
    Some paid website hosts that you might consider.

  • Web 2.0
    Web 2.0 is the new buzzword. Learn what it's about and explore some Web 2.0 sites.

  • Using Flash
    Advantages and disadvantages of using Flash in your website.

  • Using Video
    Advantages of using video in your website.

  • Using Audio
    Factors effecting audio creation and various ways that you can use audio on your website.

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