Website Check Up Guide

A guide to help you give your website a check up.

  1. Giving Your Most Valuable Tool a Check Up
    One of the most important tools that you can put into action for your business is a well designed, carefully written and smartly organized website.  So whether you are just now planning your first website – or you’re reading this in order to evaluate what you’ve been using up to now, our goal with this report is to help you give your website a complete check up.
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  2. What does a website need to do?
    Your website is a virtual storefront.  It represents you and it represents your products and services.  It speaks for you and if it has been put together right – it sells for you. 
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  3. What are you communicating?
    website checkupEvery page of your website has a reason for existence.  It has something to communicate.  It has a job to do.  So what is that job?

    What elements are important for your website?
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  4. Navigation
    How is your site set up? Is everything centered right down the middle? Does your page run about six feet in height? You might not realize it but whatever you have displayed after the first couple of scrolls will probably never be seen. Do you have a smattering of images here, there and everywhere? It is very hard to know where and what to look for on a site like this. Most visitors will just give up and leave.
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  5. How do you know if your website is serving you well?
    Reading statistics and monitoring your conversion rate will help you keep track of your website's growth.
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  6. Last Thoughts
    As time goes by you’ll learn a lot about your target market. 
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