Define Site in Dreamweaver CS3

Step 1: Dreamweaver CS3 Tutorial - Define New Site

[This is Step 1 of the Dreamweaver CS3 Tutorial]

Defining a new site is the first step to creating a website in Dreamweaver CS3.

  1. Create a folder in which you will store all your project files. Create an 'images' folder within and transfer all the sliced images to this folder.
  2. Open Dreamweaver
  3. Define a new site [Site > New Site > 'Advanced' tab]
  4. Fill in your Site Name in the box provided for 'Site Name'.
  5. Use the yellow folder icon next to the 'Local Root Folder' box to browse for the project folder you had created.
  6. You should be able to see the 'images' folder in your Files panel [Site > Files].

site definition

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