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The easiest way to build your blog style website is to install WordPress via Fantastico which is available when you sign up with some hosts like Hostgator.

Once your blog is installed you can enhance it by integrating these additional features and plugins.


  • blocks spam comments
  • built into wordpress already just needs activated

Google Sitemaps Plugin

  • creates an instant and up to date sitemap for google on your blog

Optimal Title

  • takes the title you already have on you pages and single posts and turns them putting the important part first
  • post title >> Archive >> Blog name

Simple Tags

  • easily adds social bookmarking tags to your posts by typing [tags]keyword, keyword, keyword[/tags]

Related Posts

  • adds links at the bottom of your post to other blog posts you've made with similar content

Linky Love Plugin

  • allows you to set repeated commentors to have their links "follow" instead of "no follow" thus rewarding them with a quailty link to their website

Feedburner Feed Replacement

  • redirects feed subscriptions through feedburner giving you a more accurate subscriber count there

Bookmark Widget

  • adds a customizable widget to your sidebar, you select your favorite bookmarking social sites from the list to include

Brian's Threaded Comments

  • brings flow and function to your comments creating conversations within the conversation


  • easily create and manage polls on your blog

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