Things to Look for in a Designer

[This is part of a series on Website Design]

Some of the things to look for when choosing web designers are:

  • Are they recommended by others?

  • Do they have experience in designing the type of site you need/ want?

  • Do thay have a portfolio to look through of actual websites they have built?

  • Are they up to date? Are they using the newest techniques?

  • Are they recognized in their field or by peers in their industry?

  • Do they have clients similar to you?

  • Are they available, is time going to be an issue?

  • Do they provide support after your site is done? What if you need an update? How will this be handled?
  • Do they offer custom pricing? Can they put together a package just for you or do you have to buy a standard all in one package with parts you may not need?

  • Are they flexible? Are they willing to work with you to acheive your concept as you visualize it?

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