SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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Why is Optimizing your website for Search Engines so Important?

  • Search engines can bring you free targeted traffic.
  • Millions of people search online for millions of things every single day.
  • Most online purchases begin with search engines of some kind.
  • Over 90% of internet users use a search engine for something.
  • More targeted visitors = more sales and higher conversion rates.
  • It develops a strong brand that is recognizeable in your industry/ product market.
  • A high rank gives the impression of a professional market leader.

SEO Basics

  • Meta Tags
    Each page should have it's own description, keywords, etc. Keep it short and to the point.

  • Title Tags
    Ensure that you have different title tags on every page.

  • Keywords
    25 or less per page is ideal. Use different ones for different pages.

  • Build Links
    Build links from other sites to your site. These can be
    1. One way links - they link to you
    2. Reciprocal links - they link to you and you link back
  • White Hat SEO
    This refers to good natural ways of building your website.

  • Black Hat SEO
    This refers to sneaky and not so honest ways of building your website can get you banned from SE's ultimately.

Sites built on WordPress or Site Build It are very search engine friendly.

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