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HTML is the foundation of basic website editing. It is used in full site design. It is also used in blog posts for most platforms. You can also use a WYSIWYG HTML editor like Dreamweaver to create the HTML for you.

Some Basic Things You Can Do with HTML and the Related HTML <Tags>

* Notice that you will need to instert a start tag and end tag for each. The end tag will be the start tag with a '/' in it.

1. Change Fonts
<font=Verdana> text </font>

2. Change Font Color
<font color=#990000> text </font>

3. Create a list
<ul> for unordered list
<ol> for ordered list
<li> for each line in the list

4. Create a table to organize images or create a chart on your site or posting
<table> starts table
<tr> starts table row
<td> starts table cell
remember to end each cell and each row as well as </table>

5. Create a text link
<a href="">text links are great </a>

6. Add an image
<img src="">

7. Create simple contact forms that include labels, radio buttons, and push buttons
<form action="" method="post">

8. Quote someone
<blockquote>quoted text</blockquote>

9. Insert special characters and fractions into your text or blog post

These are just a small sampling:

  • &trade ™ trademark sign
  • &hearts ? heart
  • &#64; @ at sign
  • &copy © copyright
  • &reg ® registered trademark
  • &para ¶ paragraph sign
  • &frac14 ¼ one-fourth
  • &frac12 ½ one-half
  • &frac34 ¾ three-fourths

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