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There are many WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors on the market today that can help you build a website.

Advantages of WYSIWYG Editors:

  • Little or no html or css knowledge

  • Put together a website in very short amount of time

  • Easily add flash, counters, forms, buttons, menus etc with drag and drop features

  • One button click publishing

  • Variety of predesigned layouts built right into most

Some WYSIWYG Editors

  • Dreamweaver - This the best HTML editor avialable and is use by professional web designers. I use it to design this site. You will also need a web graphics editing software like Fireworks or Photoshop.

  • XSitePro

  • Blue Voda
    Free Website Builder. However the website needs to be hosted on VodaHost.

  • Flash

Online WYSIWYG Site Builders

  • Online site builders just require an internet connection. No download or program to install.

  • Allows you to just add content to premade sites

  • Some allow editing in other programs later, example; original site built in sitebuilder but modified and customized at a later date in frontpage or dreamweaver

  • Some web hosts provide a basic site builder built into the cpanel e.g. HostGater

  • One of the easiest and cheapest ways is to build a blog style website based on Wordpress. This can be easily installed via Fantastico which is available when you sign up for a host like Hostgator.

  • For a Content Management System (CMS) based website you might consider Joomla which can also be easily installed via Fantastico which is available when you sign up for a host like Hostgator.

Complete Website Building Packages/ Online Site Builders

  • Site Build It - Complete website building, coaching and promoting package. All the tools and knowledge you need to build a successful website.

  • Easy Site Builder - Easily build a website with many functionalities built in.

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